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Trees Planted

Getting a solar electricity solution for the selected units is equivalent to planting the following number of trees.

Trees Planted
Emissions Reduced

A solar electricity solution will help reduce the Co2 emissions by the following amount each month.

CO2 Emissions Reduced
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Calculated at 11% interest per year for

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Save the environment Invest in Solar Save money immediately!

You can reduce your carbon foot print by switching to solar.

You can enjoy greater savings in the long run while reducing your carbon footprint.

Seems like you can enjoy immediate cost savings by switching to solar.


why solar ?

Save Money
An investment in solar power will secure affordable energy for your business or your home for years to come.
Save the Planet
Switching to renewable energy is a socially responsible decision to reduce your carbon-footprint which will contribute to the deceleration of global warming.
No Monthly Commitment
Be energy independent and break free from the hassle of paying heavy monthly electricity bills with our tailor made solar solutions.

Our Values

Team Work
Most Trusted Solar Electricity Provider in Sri Lanka


Secure energy independence and increased savings.

Our residential solar solutions will immediately bring down your monthly electricity bills to zero and secure your home’s energy needs for generations to come. Coupled with an unbeatable after-sales service, our energy solutions are designed to meet your household energy consumption and budget. We offer free consultation and site-inspections to provide maximum benefits to our customers.



Become a Green Entrepreneur. Become a Smart Entrepreneur.

With the rising costs of resources and overheads, organizations around Sri Lanka are constantly seeking ways of reducing costs to remain competitive not just in the local market but also within the region. Our commercial solar solutions are becoming popular by the day as organizations turn to renewable energy to cut costs and endorse their policy on social responsibility and sustainability.



Driving on Clean Energy has never been easier.

The idea that an electric vehicle has no CO2 emissions and is a greener mode of transportation has been challenged by many as the process used to generate the electricity can have varying emissions depending on the country. Typically when an electric vehicle is charged with electricity that is generated through the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, the environmental as well as financial benefits of owning such a vehicle diminishes.


why Admo ?

Established Brand
We are a well-established premium solar electricity solutions provider with a decade of experience in the industry.
Product Excellence
Our achievement of being the largest solar electricity solutions provider to the Government of Sri Lankan is an endorsement of our product excellence.
After Sales Support
Our team of engineers and technical assistants are dedicated to providing an unbeatable after-sales service to our customers.
Customized Solutions
Our ability to fine-tune and customise solutions to match each customer’s requirement is a result of a decade of experience and expertise in providing solar electricity solutions.
Award Winning Company
We are recipients of multiple awards and accreditations that reaffirm our market standing and commitment to excellence.

Our process

Get your Free Consultation Make an appointment for a free consultation and site inspection.
Solar System Customization We will customize our solution to meet your energy requirements and budget.
Sign the Agreement Lock down your cost savings and secure your energy independence with our comprehensive agreement.
Quick installation Our technicians can provide a quick installation service based on the site location and size of the solar system.
Enjoy Benefits Mitigate your energy costs and enjoy increased savings.