Light to Enlighten


Light to Enlighten

Light to Enlighten is a unique initiative by ADMO Solar to provide electricity to the less-fortunate in the country with bare access to electricity.


An approximate 11.3% of Sri Lankans living in regions that lack access to modern energy services experience energy poverty. Energy poverty is directly co-related to the economic growth of these regions as industries that thrive on energy are negatively affected resulting in lower production.


We look forward to addressing this crisis with the creation of Sri Lanka’s first green village which will introduce affordable solar energy to regions affected by severe power shortages.

In remote regions where agro-industry plays a major role in the local economy, having access to energy is imperative for high production and sustainability. Our goal is to assist such industries that are energy dependent by harnessing the sun’s energy to power essential tools such as water motors and electric fences used to ward off elephants. Our initiative also looks towards installing solar street lamps to light the night-time streets and provide solar powered lamps and torches to the farmers.

We believe that our success in setting up this model of a green village will lead the way towards switching to cleaner energy and propel the movement towards opting for a greener environment.


The objective of the project is to pave way for a future that relies on energy resources that are clean and efficient. The switch would reduce the cost incurred from reliance on non-renewable energy and aid in deceleration of the global warming process.

From irrigation of paddy fields by solar-powered water pumps to safeguarding crop fields and villages with solar powered electrical fences; our program looks towards revolutionizing the agricultural sector. Furthermore, Light to Enlighten will also help meet the energy requirements of educational institutes, hospitals and religious establishments with the use of solar power.

Our initiative is aimed at increasing awareness amongst the masses about the benefits of solar energy and how we can reshape our future with a decisive stand seeking cleaner energy.

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