Corporate Vision


ADMO Solar’s vision to deliver flexible power solutions catering to cross-sector needs

ADMO Solar, the renewable energy division of Vinseth Engineering commenced business in 2006. We provide a wide spectrum of solar energy products and specialize in its supply and installation.

Since the inception, we have converted over 200 households into producing electricity by harnessing the sun’s energy. Commercial business owners trust the solutions provided by ADMO solar to reduce their electricity costs. Many business owners have joined hands with us to rid themselves of committing to a larger monthly bill. Apart from the solar energy solutions offered to residential and commercial clients, ADMO Solar has also identified unique and effective ways to make government institutes energy independent. We are the first solar energy solution provider in the country to offer solar energy solutions to government sectors. Today, ADMO Solar stands strong with the highest number of government clientele on their portfolio.

2016 is a vital year for ADMO Solar as we intend on introducing customized solutions for every need. These solutions will be available to all our customers – residential, commercial and governmental. The all new company tagline “Redefined solar energy solutions to empower Sri Lanka” summarizes our team’s plans for 2016 and beyond.

Apart from being a key solution provider in the industry, the team at ADMO Solar has embarked on a mission to educate the masses on the pros and cons of solar energy, the benefits of becoming energy independent and how solar energy is the number one solution to combat climate change. “Light to enlighten” is a community-driven, non-profit organization initiated by ADMO Solar to provide free electricity to the underprivileged around the country. This initiative will make arrangements to provide electricity to places where the grid power is not available. “Solar Ambassador” is yet another program introduced by ADMO Solar to encourage public involvement in promoting solar electricity.

To sum it up, Mr. Rumesh R. Jayasekara – Marketing Manager stated, “An energy system with high sources of renewable energy will be more cost-efficient since it will rely on a long-term cheaper power source. Our customers now have the golden opportunity of tailor-made design solutions to meet the ever increasing demand of uninterrupted power supply.”

We, at ADMO Solar rely on the world’s leading suppliers to provide an excellent service to our customers. Our solar inverter provider – SMA is ranked at #1 in the world while our solar panels from Canadian Solar are ranked at #2 in the world for its product quality. Every installation is protected by two surge protectors imported from the USA and is provided free of charge.

Mr. Dinesh Perera, manager for engineering and operations offered his views on the future vision of the company, “The opening of energy markets for different uses and purposes; not only on the supply but on the demand line, will be a key success factor for the company’s upcoming new innovative products that has been designed to precisely meet these needs.”