Solar Electricity systems

We offer a range of solar electricity systems, tailored to meet the varied energy requirements of each customer. May it be residential, commercial or industrial… our team of expert engineers undertake the challenge of integrating the ideal solar solution for you!


Solar Hotwater system

Our superior solar power water heaters are manufactured to perfection in order to provide hot water in a fraction of time. Ideal for any climatic condition, our evacuated heat pipe type solar heaters are best in efficiency with premium heat retention levels compared to the conventional flat plate solar heaters in the market.


Solar street lights

Admo Solar Street Lights are the ideal solution for locations which are remote, environmentally sensitive and have no access to the national grid.

Our street lights are well designed to illuminate larger areas with the highest intensity of light, which make them ideal to be used as security lights if needed. We offer a wide variety of configurations and styles to meet your every requirement.


Solar off-grid systems

The Admo solar off-grid system consists of four main components: PV Modules that generate electricity using the sun, Solar Controller for effective and safe charging of batteries, Batteries that store the generated electricity and Inverters that convert this electricity to AC electricity.



The solar micro inverter “Omniksol-M248” comes with extremely long service life and compact volume. The device supports multiple connected/ remote monitoring and is easy to manage.