Micro inverter

The solar micro inverter “Omniksol-M248” comes in a compact volume with an extremely long service life .The device supports multiple connections and remote monitoring and is easy to manage.


  • Long lifetime and Increased reliability
  • Maximized energy harvest
  • Reduced power loss resulting from shade, dust and debris
  • Simple design with Plug and Play chain installation
  • Improved safety with no high voltage hazards
  • Easy installation
  • Constant remote monitoring at PV module level


MICRO-KIT collects performance data from each micro inverter at a 5-minute interval via 2.4G RF. The data includes DC input voltage and current, AC output, power and voltage, frequency and internal temperature. The data can be analyzed by logging into the embedded web server.


  • Over and under voltage protection
  • Over and under frequency protection
  • Current leakage detection
  • DC injection detection
  • Disconnected of grid by four relays
  • Web-based online monitoring per module
  • Expandable for larger systems

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