Solar Hotwater System


Hot Water Systems

Our superior solar powered water heaters are manufactured to perfection in order to supply hot water in a fraction of time. Our evacuated heat-pipe solar heaters have premium heat retention levels thus is more efficient than the conventional flat plate solar heaters available in the market.

ADMO Solar Water Heaters are engineered to withstand harsh environmental conditions and varied qualities of water.

Pressurized and non-pressurized systems are available to suit different requirements and locations.


  • Available in 100L, 200L, 250L, 300L capacities
  • Could be connected to a pressure pump, overhead tank or direct line
  • Maximum pressure up to 6 bars
  • Suitable for pressure operated mixer taps.
  • Backup electrical element to operate on continuous non-sunny days.
  • Maximum heat generation on good sun shine days – 75 ℃


  • Available in 100L, 150L, 200L, 300L capacities
  • Could be connected to an overhead tank or a direct line
  • Suitable for non-pressure mixer taps
  • Backup electrical elements to operate on days without adequate sunlight
  • Maximum heat generation on good sun shine days – 80 ℃

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