Automotive Solutions

The idea that an electric vehicle has no CO2 emissions and is a greener mode of transportation has been challenged by many as the process used to generate the electricity can have varying emissions depending on the country. Typically when an electric vehicle is charged with electricity that is generated through the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, the environmental as well as financial benefits of owning such a vehicle diminishes.

ADMO Solar’s automotive solutions have been designed to address this fundamental issue through the use of renewable energy to power your mode of transportation. As more and more Sri Lankan’s make the financially responsible and environmentally conscious choice to opt for electric cars, we, at ADMO Solar are committed to making that effort count.

Our premium solar-powered automotive electricity solutions can transform your parking spaces into a powerhouses.


  • Prompt aftersales service through our experienced engineers and technicians.
  • An ideal solution for electric car owners and office carparks.
  • FREE surge protection unit with all Solar Systems.

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