Commercial Solutions

With the rising costs of resources and overheads, organizations around Sri Lanka are constantly seeking ways of reducing costs to remain competitive not just in the local market but also within the region. Our commercial solar solutions are becoming popular by the day as organizations turn to renewable energy to cut costs and endorse their policy on social responsibility and sustainability.

Our custom designed commercial energy solutions allow for the growth of the organization without the hassle of additional expenses on electricity. As the reduction of electricity costs takes place, a heavy burden is removed from the monthly cash flow thus offering our Commercial customers more freedom and flexibility.

ADMO Solar has a decade of experience installing solar electricity systems in both private and governmental sectors. As a single entity, Admo has completed the highest number of Solar System installations in the governmental sector in Sri Lanka.


  • Assist in standing out as a socially responsible organization as you cut down on your carbon footprint.
  • Vast expertise and experience in handling a multitude of solar electricity projects for the government as well as the private sector in Sri Lanka.
  • FREE surge protection unit with all Solar Systems.
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Testimonial of Mr. Clarence Liyanage on ADMO Solar
I urge you all, to install an ADMO solar power system and get rid of the entire electricity bill. This will successfully lead the way for all of you to face the energy hikes in the future. Mr. Clarence Liyanage, H.L.W Enterprises